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How to Use a Bedding Box

How to Use a Bedding Box

By: Elijah Neal


  1. Intro: The Benefits of Use

People use bedding boxes differently, and individuals are more inclined to beat the rules when it is not their equipment. Since you are an esteemed businessperson, you know that wasting time, labor, or truckloads of product is horrible for your company. In this article, I also want to remind you how to safely use this bedding box. In the end, you should be able to control your people and equipment efficiently to save time and money.

Bedding boxes are tools designed to save money when working with gravel or rock.  Maintaining safety is the most important thing after purchasing a bedding box. The components of maintaining safety are what we will dive into in the next sections of this article.

  1. Danger of Ill Use

Using a bedding box improperly can endanger the lives around you, the equipment, or your finances. The average bedding box costs around $6000. The first concern I will raise is financial. Every time a bedding box is dragged or yanked from a side without the pull bar, every time a person carelessly loads/unloads or is unauthorized to use a bedding box and does so, you are risking your money.

People cost money with labor, workman’s compensation (work comp), and other expenses of course, however, their safety is paramount. There is so much liability, money, and life at stake when people are involved.

The other main concern is safety for people. Your best business decision is to take care of your employees or those you are responsible for. It is not only a fiduciary and profitability decision, but a care for human life that is important here.

Anne Mulcahy of Johnson and Johnson says, “Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.”

In the end, even if someone is controlling your equipment connected to a bedding box, and they handle it incorrectly or mess up, it is your responsibility. Know how to train and be responsible to and for your people. If your people are taken care of and healthy, then your business will be to. These bedding boxes are giant anvils or potential harm; please ensure that your employees are trained and up to date on how to move and fill bedding boxes. It is important to not cut corners. Do not waste life, time, or money.

  1. What to Do

When moving a bedding box, the excavator must grab the drag/lift bar to drag the large piece of equipment. Moving the bedding box must be done safely, so do not move it carelessly around people, do not move it with a lack of clearance from other structures or equipment, do not move a full bedding box (especially if you are trying to make it last), and do not move it while balancing the excavator.

An excavator can become unbalanced very quickly. If you move it too quickly, it can lose balance and become even more life threatening. If you move the front of an excavator sideways on its tracks, then it can lose balance and become even more life threatening. This makes it important to keep the excavator balanced when picking up dirt. Extend the arm and fill it with caution to protect your equipment and personnel.

Do not have people who are untrained or unqualified operating your equipment. People will cheat you and disobey the rules, so ensure that there is as much supervision and protocol as possible.

  1. Conclusion

Now you can have a more secure jobsite as your bedding box and employees are kept safe. As everyone is kept safe, you are also reminded that value is delivered when you preserve your people and equipment. Now your equipment can last for a long time, and hopefully you found a great deal on it.

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