Best 2020 Skid Steer Snow Pusher

Best 2020 Skid Steer Snow Pusher

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By: Elijah Neal


As an operator, you need to find a snow pusher that meets your needs. You want something that doesn’t tear up your gravel, grass, or parkin lot while clearing snow build up. Your property and jobs need the perfect size, steel thickness, and it also needs to last for a long time. Below you will find a list of great snow pusher products from 2020 to save you money and energy.

Kit Containers 8 and 10 Foot Snow Pusher

Although not designed to be picture perfect, the Kit Containers’ pusher is packed with durability and contains immediate pricing. The Kit Containers Snow Pushers are heavy duty, the enclosed fully welded steel gusset support adds strength and durability without a snow collection cavity, furthermore the pushers are extremely cost effective.

8 Foot Snow Pusher

Pro-Tech Fusion Edge Snow Pusher (12-16 Foot)

The fusion edge is built with rubber cutting edges of steel and rubber which allows for squeegeeing and tough scraping. Customer concerns and criticism were taken into great account when constructing this product to create an expensive and heavy piece of equipment. There is a warranty which is a plus. Since there is no price purchase, you will not be able to purchase quickly.

Protech Snow Pusher

Back Drag Kit for Skid Steer Snow Pushers (8-10 Foot)

The best thing that the Scoop Dogg pusher has going for it is the strength of its product. This product is sold as an assembly kit which presumably makes the product cheaper, however, there is no price listed. The product sounds customizable with a strong frame and wear feet offering, but there is limited offering of products.

Scoopdogg Snow Pusher

Jenkins Snow Pushers (8-10 Foot)

The Jenkin pusher appears extraordinarily strong and tough. It is built to last with a light body, and it half covers the top of the pusher to better drive snow forward. Visually, this product seems very appealing, but it is light which means that it might get beaten up easily. It is also probably expensive due to its shiny presentation and compact specifications.

Jenkins Snow Pusher

Boss Snowplow Skid Steer Box Plows (16-29 Foot)

The boss snowplow claims to be able to push on any terrain due to its floating edge and pivot system. They are heavy duty snowplows with bolt on wing designs, and they look great. A huge downside to the boss brand is the price. They get the job done, and they look great doing it, however, the price is excessive unless you want a pretty pusher.

Boss Snow Plow

Worksaver Snow Pushers (10-12 Foot)

These medium sized snow pushers have a top to keep the snow moving in a forward direction with ample steel support, but there is a lack of steel thickness. The moldboard is 11 gauge with 7 gauge for the end plate. There are cross bars for gusset support, but the steel is not thick. In the end this is a problem with any snow pusher design. The steel thickness has to be of a strong, long lasting quality.

 Worksaver Snow Pusher


Based off this list, I recommend the Kit Containers LLC Pushers. They are not the flashiest, and they do not boast to be the best product. The Kit Containers Pushers instead is made well, and it gets the job done. Trust is a matter of meeting your needs, and Kit Containers meets your needs. Kit Containers’ pushers are strong, long lasting, inexpensive, and ready for purchase.


  • Kit Containers LLC

    We are sorry to hear this. Our steel blades are not flush with the ground to avoid damaging the blade, and we would be happy to discuss this more with you over email or phone. sales@kitcontainersllc.com_765-566-7507

  • Jarrad Bruessel

    The cutting edges are extremely weak. Also the cutting edge wasn’t even flat with the ground. One side sat an inch off of the ground. Really dissatisfied with the 8 ft pusher.

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