1 Yard Bedding Box (Standard Duty)

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 Introducing Our Light Duty Bedding Boxes: Unmatched Durability in Their Class, Lighter Design, and Unbeatable Value! 

Elevate your excavation experience with our newly launched Light Duty Bedding Boxes, meticulously crafted by industry experts to set a new standard. Bid farewell to compromises and embrace excellence with our two cutting-edge designs: The 1 Yard Capacity and the 3 Yard Capacity.

 Lighter Yet Sturdy: Achieving the perfect harmony between weight and durability, our standard duty bedding boxes provide a lightweight solution without sacrificing strength. Navigate your worksite with ease, enjoying unmatched resilience on the job.

 Unparalleled Durability: In a market flooded with cheaper alternatives, we proudly uphold our commitment to quality. Engineered to endure the toughest conditions, our bedding boxes ensure longevity and reliability that outshine the competition.

 Unbeatable Value: Why settle for less when you can have it all? Our new designs not only deliver top-notch durability but also offer a cost-effective solution, challenging the status quo of conventional options flooding the market from China and the USA.

 Revolutionize Your Worksite: Tailor-made to meet your excavation needs, the 1 Yard Capacity and 3 Yard Capacity options are versatile, addressing both smaller projects and more extensive endeavors with precision.

 Global Standards, Local Excellence: Proudly manufactured in the USA, our bedding boxes blend the best of innovation with locally sourced steel tubing and plate. Rely on a product crafted from superior materials, designed to meet and surpass your expectations.

Save time and money in your excavation game with our new Light Duty Bedding Boxes - where durability, lightness, and value converge for an unparalleled experience. Order now and elevate your worksite to new heights!