Light Duty Hopper, 2 Yard

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Self-Dumping Hopper

Light Duty Hopper, 2 Yard

This 2 Yard light-duty hopper with a capacity of 3000 lbs will suit all your storing and dumping needs. Whether you need to use it for recycling or storing scrap material this resilient reasonably priced hopper will get the job done.  

Shipping Information: This product’s price is designed without the shipping cost. Once ordered, we will discuss the freight of the light-duty hopper. Freight will vary depending on where you are in the United States. Please feel free to discuss freight beforehand for the light-duty hopper.

Please Note: Custom needs are evaluated on a case by case basis. Contact (765) 388-9110 for the minimum fee on production charges.

This product is made to order. Please do not expect all products to be ready today. Thank you for your patience.


Utility Warning: The end-user is responsible for training employees to work on the hopper. ONLY trained, authorized maintenance personnel or contractors should inspect, maintain, or repair the hopper.

Electrocution may result if the hopper contacts electrified wires. reduce the likelihood that an operator or bystander might be harmed by applying common sense: DO NOT contact electrical wires with the hopper or any part of the forklift truck.  DO NOT use the hopper in an area where it will contact electrical wires. before using the hopper always inspect the usage area for unusual conditions that require special precautions.

Material handling is dangerous. Improper or careless operation can result in serious personal injuries sustained by the hopper/forklift operator(s) and bystanders. Failure to read and understand the instructions before using or servicing the hopper constitutes misuse. DO NOT use a malfunctioning or damaged hopper. Inspect the hopper before each use according to the inspection instructions. DO NOT fill the hopper with a load weighing more than the maximum rated load. DO NOT stand beneath or travel under the hopper at any time. DO NOT permit any person to stand beneath or travel under the hopper. DO NOT allow people to ride on or in the hopper.  DO NOT use the hopper if any product label is unreadable, damaged, or missing.  ALWAYS apply proper (fork) lift truck operation practices learned during your training program. Before raising the hopper tilt back toward the lift. DO NOT modify the hopper in any way! Modification(s) might make the hopper unsafe to use. DO NOT dump the hopper UNLESS every person in the vicinity is safely behind the forklift truck. Only dump the hopper while parked on a level surface. Store hopper on a flat surface. Do not store hazardous material in a Kit Containers hopper.