66" Heavy Material Dirt Smoothing Bucket

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66" Heavy Material Dirt Smoothing Bucket

This 66 inch dirt smoothing bucket is built to quickly carry smooth or heavy amounts of debris. Feel free to change your landscape with this affordable product.

The product is 67" long, 40" wide, and 22" high. It is a heavy duty bucket made for your tough business problems.

Bucket Specifications:

The thickness is 0.25" back and formed bottom stiffener strips

The Bottom Thickness: 9ga The Side Thickness: 7ga

Other Thickness Notes: .5" Side Stiffener and Bevel Bar

Weight: 509 Pounds Length: 67” Width: 40” Height: 22”

Please Note: Custom needs are evaluated on a case by case basis. Contact (765) 388-9110 for the minimum fee on production charges.

This product is made to order. Please do not expect all products to be ready today. Thank you for your patience.