76" Skeleton Grapple Bucket

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Skeleton Grapple Bucket with free welding table

This single cylinder skeleton grapple bucket assembly is a hydraulic item. It is perfect for clearing light rock or debris. This product also gives you a free 30x90 welding table. 

Grapple Bucket Assembly Video

Length: 76"

Width: 32"

Height: 31"

Weight: 652 pounds

DISCLAIMER: This product requires assembly. Check all hardware (bolts, nuts, pins, etc.) for their correct setting and tightness to the lb-ft. Look for loose bolts and fittings, tighten them if necessary. Ensure there are no leaks or spots for pressure to escape. Wipe off any debris from the hydraulic fittings with a clean rag before attaching hoses, to keep contaminants from entering the hydraulics.

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This product is made to order. Please do not expect all products to be ready today. Thank you for your patience.