78" Skeleton Grapple Bucket

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Skeleton Grapple Bucket

This skeleton grapple bucket is a hydraulic item. It is perfect for clearing light rock or debris, and it is built like all of our items, with longevity in mind.

Length: 77 7/8"

Width: 35 2/4"

Height: 23 3/8"

Weight: 765 pounds

DISCLAIMER: Fittings can come loose in transit. This piece of equipment is not power tested. Before using this equipment, connect compatible hydraulic fittings and clean connection points. Check all hardware (bolts, nuts, pins, etc.) for their correct setting and tightness to the lb-ft. Look for loose bolts and fittings, tighten them if necessary. Ensure there are no leaks or spots for pressure to escape. Wipe off any debris from the hydraulic fittings with a clean rag before attaching hoses, to keep contaminants from entering the hydraulics.