Heavy Duty Bedding Box, 12 Yard

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Bedding Box, 12 Yard

This is a heavy-duty, 8000-pound bedding box with a 64-inch height, 79-inch inside width, and a 12 cubic yard capacity. The bedding box will suit all of your construction and multipurpose needs with its sturdy 3/8" thick lift bar and durable high tensile steel. There are also tie-down lugs/drag lugs for easy sling attachments and pull lines. Furthermore, all Kit Containers' Bedding Boxes are reinforced with two stiffeners and equipped with a concrete bar in the lift bearing section underneath the lift bar.

Regarding use, Kit Container Bedding Boxes are meant to be placed behind an excavator providing the operator a clear view of the trench which provides more control and efficiency. If you have any questions relating to Kit Containers' Bedding Boxes or other products, feel free to contact us using email (elijah@kitcontainersllc.com) or phone (765-566-7507.)

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